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By Juan Carlos Fernández Hernández

I don’t know how many Cubans have repeated this phrase in recent days. Specifically since State Security agent moles Emilio (Carlos Serpa) and Vladimir (Moises Rodriguez) came to light. Those who let us know, according to the Cuban government, about the plans of the American Imperialists to take over the island using the terrifying woman of the so-called Ladies in White, who for more than seven years have been walking on Quinta Avenue after mass at the Santa Rita parish, in Miramar, demanding the release of their family members imprisoned since the spring of 2003 for the simple reason of wanting to express publicly that the country urgently needs changes.  Something that not only the 75 prisoners of consciience say, this is something that all people know and are increasingly unafraid to express.

But apparently, Emilio and Vladimir have completed their mission, reporting what everyone knows. Now the Cuban leaders have focused on the Internet, it could not be otherwise, burning another super 007, called, according to the official Cuban press, Raul, by Cuban Security and Alexander by his enemies. His name is Dulexis, I think.

The boy in question uncovered another macabre plan to subvert order; in Cuba even if we have no record at least we have a tremendous average in plans, which by the way is already tired for its unoriginality. This is none other than the installation of satellite dishes for satellite television, and clandestine Internet networks. An American citizen has been tried in Cuba for installing these most dangerous (the phrase is not mine) apparatuses.

And I’m telling the truth, they are extremely dangerous because they bring free information to the Cuban citizen. For those who control all the information media this is a no-brainer. It’s war, they say.

Can you imagine people being able to watch the news on Spanish TC, Univision, Mega TV, America TC and whatever they like, or reading El País, ABC, Nuevo Herald, Clarín, Generación Y, Voces, Convivencia, or anything else they want?

I understand the leaders of Cuba, but of course I do not agree nor will I ever agree that they should treat us as if we were simply little kids to whom that can say: that it is good and that is bad. We matured a long time ago and we can establish the value of things by ourselves.

The cyber police already said at the conference that someone leaked (?) to the network, I paraphrase: “No one is going to come to warn you that your compuer seems to have a little sign that says:” You are connected to the Internet.”

Yes, yes… there’s not doubt, they are very afraid. But they have Internet.

Not to mention, now that the cable has arrived, what’s the problem?

Juan Carlos Fernández Hernández. (b. 1965). Pinar del Río.

Former leader for the Brotherhood of Aid to Prisoners and Their Families of Prison Pastoral Care. Staff member of Coexistence. Animator of civil society.

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March 24 2011


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By Sironay González Rodríguez

These days, when we are leaving behind the Cuban Communist Party Congress, which addressed a series of measures which have left a people not hopeful but concerned; when a there is a shortage of the word of the day in our lives; when our government excludes and marginalizes the whole idea of favorable change for all Cubans, and turns their campaign to discredit a part of civil society into a tasteless campaign, we should reflect on the value that is being given to the Nation.

The actions taken on behalf of the Nation, be they to honor the fallen, or for love, never should be undertaken to threaten those who form a part of our nationality. The country belongs to everyone, and therefore we are all called to support her, take care of her, and raise all of our children to be a part of her.

When we truly loves our native soil, and see it dying as ours it, for lack of the many values that strengthen a country, we must be united, thinking of solutions to benefit everyone, not tearing apart and rejecting plans and projects that could help the majority.

Cuba is in times of change, we reject all who call for hatred and exclusion, and above all we call for all the pride, or remorse, our Nation imposes.

Sironay González Rodríguez
b. San Cristobal, Artemis. 1976

April 28 2011

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by Sironay González Rodríguez

I do not remember exactly when I didn’t join a union. Since I started working, until a few months ago when the Revolution decided that I wasn’t necessary for its “perfection” of the system, and they made me “available”–that is laid me off–I didn’t find that this organization represented my interests.

In past governments, the various labor unions existed, and were a thorn in the side of the companies, industries and even the leaders themselves, because they fearlessly claimed the rights of those they represented.

Today there are many unions–many!–but there are not many owners, only one, the State. And there are no workers’ struggled, members do not know their rights, the owner is the best and you can’t contradict him. The union leaders work together with the owners to prepare the May Day celebrations, giving another meaning to the holiday.

The behavior of the Cuban Workers Union (CTC) is so wrong, that in these days, when unemployment in Cuba reminds us of the times in which because of this the first silent federations arose, the union sectors are now back working with the principals, convincing the “availables” of the need for the country to get along without them.

The working class does not have a true representative in the CTC, the owner, the State, does. It’s another arm of the octopus with which they subjugate us.

This May Day they will again march all over the country. The workers will carry placards praising the master, while he, confident once again, will be thinking about how to blunt the sickle and make a heavier hammer.

Sironay González Rodríguez
b. San Cristobal, Artemis. 1976

April 28 2011

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