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Last December 15, 2009, was a historic moment for “Proyecto Convivencia” (Project Coexistence) and its magazine.

Proyecto Convivencia started two and a half years ago and its magazine will celebrate 2 years on February 15, 2010. Its spreading has been affected by our ineffectiveness and inexperience in overcoming the obstacles generated by the Cuban cyber-censorship over the mass media.

The boomerang that created walls of exclusion has began to fly, and now comes back with waves of solidarity for many Cubans inside and outside Cuba, for many people of goodwill that work for justice, peace, and prosperity of humankind. Before December 15, just a group of friends, readers, and fans of the old Vitral magazine, and some interested in the issue of Cuba, knew of the existence of the new project called Convivencia and its magazine. But now, thousands of people in the world are aware of our little efforts in achieving a better future for Cuba.

Of course, the biggest benefit from this wall of exclusion has not been publicity but solidarity, unity among Cubans who love their country, to show to the world the true nature of a political regime that has kidnapped liberties in Cuba, to contemplate the capacity and huge potentials of our people, potentials that well channeled can build up many walls of coexistence and harmony.

I believe in the positive force of good aiming, in the stronghold of walls when their materials have the consistency and flexibility of coexistence, I believe that all this unwanted publicity that the Virgin of Caridad del Cobre and her son gave us will be a new stimulus in bringing fresh air and hope to Cuba, new dreams to come true and projects that can lead us to happiness at last after all this waiting and suffering.

May this 2010 be the year when coexistence is built up among all Cubans with no exception and no violence, with justice and love. The boomerang of this coexistence will benefit us all and will bring well-being for the Cubans as José Martí dreamed of and worked for.

Translated by: Josema


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