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Walls and Walls


By Karina Gálvez

Power that is misused will always attempt to put walls on the natural freedom of the human soul. And I think we can do this too. Many Cubans have been victims of the walls. The walls in many forms: threats, imprisonment, beatings, acts of repudiation, expulsion or walls, literally. Fear, apathy, inertia, indifference, ignorance. Everything that slows the release of the person is a wall.

There is at least one difference between the walls. Some, we must build slowly inside the person. You have to plant them, grow them inside. Having fear, apathy or indifference grow in our being in crippling dimensions, is putting up walls inside. Walls are very harmful because they dominate the human will and make our critical judgement and our decisions and actions subordinate to the space they leave us. Arguably the most effective are wrong because the interior walls are not your responsibility. They are the responsibility of those that put them in place.

This eases my conscience gives me peace that our wall had to be another type.

Translated by Karen


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